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The City's hero

Garbageman is the most important and unknown hero in a city. His objective is to do a great job cleaning the city and to make some money while doing it. Since the garbage truck cannot stop the Garbageman must run alongside the truck taking the trash cans and trash bags and throwing them inside the truck.

While doing this he needs to watch out for the obstacles on the street and sidewalk. Even cars can be a difficult villain. If he is careless with his job he may be confronted by and fight with a big bad boss. If the Garbageman does a good job of throwing garbage in the truck he will win some prizes along his journey that will give him power and improve his abilities.

It's possible to make money being a good trash-collector and help make the city a better place. Let's do it!

Do your best by cleaning the city!

Garbageman - Persons

Lots of different kind of trash cans and bags to throw!
An impatient Truck Driver that will never wait for you! Run Garbageman, Run!
Avoid people and obstacles while running through the streets.
Consecutive successful garbage throws will result in winning prizes.
Make sure not to throw the prizes in the garbage truck.
Make as much money as possible by being a good trash collector.